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On Location Seated Massage

BodyWork Associates began On Location many years ago and we have done thousands of seated massages in the workplace or at special events over the years. Seated massage is simply the massage of a client sitting in a special, portable massage chair where the client remains fully clothed and no oils are used while their shoulders, neck, upper back, head, and arms are massaged. 

Many people in today's workforce suffer from tight muscles, headaches, and repetitive stress injuries. Seated massage is proven effective at relieving stress and tension. The average session, which takes only 15 minutes, is ample time to relax a person, take their minds off any stress, soothe aching necks and backs and revitalize tired bodies.

The business owner benefits because seated massage is a very cost-effective way to provide a release of accumulated physical and mental tension. In turn, this provides an increase in employee productivity, morale, and job satisfaction with a corresponding reduction in absentees.

You do not need to provide any special equipment or dressing rooms. Seated massage takes no more room than a regular office chair and can be done with minimum privacy. It usually is done right in the workplace, oftentimes in the recipient's office.

An On-Location therapist will come to your workplace for a 1-hour minimum.

The prices are as follows:
A 15-minute massage is $23
A 20-minute massage is $29
A 30-minute massage is $40

A 45-minute massage is $60

A 60-minute massage is $80

For special events, the hourly rate is $80. The costs can either be paid by the business, the client, or split.
Many businesses find seated massage to be a wonderful way to reward and motivate their employees.

Booking Special Events

Our busiest months are April, May, November, and December so please give us as much lead time as possible so that we can accommodate your event if you are planning something in those months. 

To connect with On Location, contact Peggy Cler at 217.649.0545 or

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