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A Listing of some of the common reasons people seek our services.


 Many, if not most people come to see us initially because they have some sort of musculoskeletal issue that is bothering them. Continue to read below to learn more about how we at BWA can be of service to you.


Foot pain is one of the most common conditions we see. Our highly targeted PNMT can be an effective and efficient approach to addressing this frustrating condition.

At BWA, we find that there tend to be three reasons people feel pain at the heel-

  • Plantar fasciitis (inflamed fascia)

  • Plantar fasciosis (repeated stress on the fascia)

  • Neural irritation

All three of these conditions can present with identical symptoms, but the approach to each of them is very different. What is helpful for one may irritate the other. That is why it is very important to know which of these is responsible for your pain.

Pain Here- Source Over There

As part of our training in PNMT, the therapists at BWA are taught to explore many of the distal potential causes of your discomfort. When you feel pain at the heel, deep massage of the heel and foot may in fact make the problem worse. Our job is to understand the possible influences and deal with each effectively and efficiently. We will address your heel, but probably many other areas as well. If we change the system, we change the outcome. Our goal isn’t just to treat the symptom, we want to address the underlying causes.

What Should I Plan On?
Typically, plan on three to five sessions of about 30-45 minutes each over a three-week period. If we can help you in that time frame, we may have saved you months of anguish.



Do you struggle with neck discomfort? If so, take comfort in the fact that you are in good company, as this is one of the most common issues we see at BWA. Our Precision Neuromuscular Therapy can be an effective and efficient approach to addressing neck pain.



We see many people with pain and discomfort of the jaw and face. This area of the body is complex and far-reaching. Please view the following video to learn more about how our Precision Neuromuscular Therapy might help.



 Discomfort of the back is probably the most common condition we see at BWA, and an issue that affects a large population of people. Both sitting and standing for long periods of time can aggravate parts of the back, so a massage is the best way to properly eliminate that pain.


Costochondritis is a very painful and often frustrating condition. Pain in the chest can persist for months, but targeted Precision Neuromuscular Therapy can make a significant difference in the frequency and severity of the pain.
Please watch the video for more information.

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