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Welcome to BodyWork Associates

Where Massage is Powerful Medicine

Call or text- (217)351-1011

Fax#- (217)366-0049


At BodyWork Associates (BWA), we strive to bring effective and efficient relief to people with muscular discomfort and pain. Far too many people with musculoskeletal discomfort fall through the cracks of the healthcare system. While they are going to work and taking care of their families, they often do so while in pain. Our approach to massage therapy isn't as a "luxury" or spa experience, but as a direct hands-on way to deal with muscular aches and pains that can make life very difficult. 


BWA is solidly based in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. Whether we are using this technique exclusively or performing general massage, every therapist in the office has had this training and all that knowledge goes into the relaxation session that you receive. And if you think therapeutic work has to hurt, then we have a very pleasant surprise for you!


The staff of BWA is committed to this work and being the very best we can be. We want you to be happy with your session and will work to make it what you wish. If not, your money will be refunded.



We have been doing this work for many years, first opening the office in 1982. The majority of the staff has been with BWA for years. You won't find a collection of more experienced therapists in the same practice anywhere in this state.


BWA is actively involved in supporting massage therapy research. We donate to the Massage Therapy Foundation, which funds research efforts in the field of massage.


Our prices are extremely reasonable. This is especially true when you compare the education of the therapist, the support staff, and the history of the clinic. We want our services to be accessible for working people, not an expensive luxury.

Community Involvement

For many years, BWA has been actively involved in supporting and giving back to the community. We are grateful to call CU home and support many community non-profits that serve various populations in need. By supporting us, you are also supporting these organizations. 


Do you need to have your appointments early in the AM? We can do that. Later in the day? Sundays? Done. Need someone who has expertise in working with musicians? We have some of the best in the field. Back pain? Neck issues? Feet? Runner's issues? With the size of our staff, we can meet just about any need you have. A single therapist in practice cannot do that. No one is an expert in all things.

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