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Welcome to the BodyWork Associates

Self-Care Room

At our Windsor Road location, we have a room dedicated to several excellent self-treatment massage units for you to enjoy. Here is a listing of those possible treatments and instructions for their use. 

Pricing is simply set at $15 for 30 minutes. You do not need an appointment, but feel free to reserve the room if you wish. 


Migun Massage Bed

Migun Therapy Table is an FDA approved class II medical device that combines deep far infrared heat, massage therapy and acupressure, while gently flexing and stretching your spine and relaxing your muscles. The patented jade massage heads are placed in a specific measurement to help stimulate better blood flow and nerve conduction along your spine, which helps to stimulate your autonomic nervous system deep within your body. Use of the Migun can help to improve automatic functions such as blood pressure, blood glucose regulation, digestion, bladder function, breathing, and much more.

See a video demonstration here

Migun 6.jpg


Before getting on the Migun:

Please remove your shoes and, if you are wearing one, your belt.

When on the Migun:

If you wish to stop it, please use the hand control and press stop. Wait for the machine to reset the rollers before exiting.

Do not use the Migun if you:

1. Have phlebitis

2. Are pregnant

3. Have a fused disc or implanted scoliosis rods.

4. Have fractures or suspected fractures.

5. Have any type of metallic implants.

6. Have a Pacemaker or ICD “Internal Cardiac Device”

Choosing Your Mode

After pressing the Power Button, select your massage  mode.  We suggest:


Operational Mode P1 - Full Massage and Acupressure

In this mode, the main body section of the table automatically applies a combination of heat therapy, full body massage, sectional massage, and acupressure treatment on the entire upper body. At the same time, the lower body section provides heat, full massage, and acupressure to the lower body area.  The session lasts approximately 32 minutes.

Operational Mode P2 - Upper Back Mode

In this mode, the main body section of the table automatically applies a combination of heat therapy, full body massage, sectional massage, and acupressure treatment focused on the upper back area. At the same time, the lower body section provides full massage to the entire lower body.

The main body thermomechanical probes will stop at 24 various locations during this session when applying acupressure therapy. The session lasts approximately 31 minutes.

Operational Mode P4 - Massage Mode

In this mode, the HY-7000UM automatically applies acupressure and full massage treatment to the upper body. At the same time, the lower body section applies the same treatment therapy as it does in Mode P1. The main body sequence includes three successive acupressure therapy sessions of the upper body, followed by a full massage of the upper body. The thermomechanical probes in the main body will stop 24 times during the entire session. The session lasts approximately 24 minutes.

Migun 2_edited.jpg
Massage chair1_edited_edited.png

Massage Chair

Much like the Migun, our special massage unit uses jade technology in its massage heads. Remarkably effective, they provide a relaxing, refreshing, and naturally healing kneading massage.

This unit offers adjustable functions which include full back, upper back, or lower back therapy options. The remote control allows you to choose an automatic treatment function as well.

The Migun bed is very strong and, in some cases, too much pressure for initial users. With this chair-based unit, the experience is far more user-controllable and less intense.

See a video demonstration here

To add a more complete upper shoulder and neck massage

Watch this Video


Seated Massage Unit Instructions

Once you power on the unit, select either kneading or rolling massage. Just below the timer, there are three buttons that determine the focus of the massage. The button at the top is for the whole back, the middle button is for the upper back, and the lowest one is for the lower back only. Other buttons reverse the direction of the kneading, add a heating element, and provide a subtle vibration.

You may also choose to select rolling massage up and down the spine. This is extremely comfortable. You can widen the width of the rollers by pressing the width button. 

Massage 1_edited.jpg
Foot Massager_edited.jpg

Shiatsu Foot Massage

Foot Massage Instructions-

· Please remove your shoes and put a plastic bag over your feet.

· Place your feet in the unit and press the power button, the lowest button on the unit. Rest comfortably in the chair.

· The M button (the 4th one up) is the massage mode). We
suggest selecting red mode, which is the acupressure setting.

· The third button up is the intensity setting. Blue is the lowest, then green, with red being the most intense. We suggest you start with blue and progress as is comfortable.


Using the Air Compression Cuffs

· Strap the cuffs around both of your calves.

· Press the air button (the very top)

· The “M” button will cease and the rollers and the air
compression happen at the same time

· To increase the intensity, press the third button up, as in the instructions above.


If Your Feet Are Sensitive

· Turn the unit on

· Hit the “M” button twice

· With the compression cuffs on, hit the “Air” button 3 times.

See a video demonstration here

Air Relax Compression Massage

The Air Relax is an air compression device with multiple chambers that compress in succession. Our system increases blood flow through your muscles, which has been shown to aid with sports and other kinds of recovery applications. 

Sessions typically are about 15 minutes. 


The leg chambers are marked right and left. After putting them on, zip up the chamber and make sure to fasten the velcro at the top. 

Then, turn on the unit. We suggest using Mode A at first, which fills each section of the chamber individually and then lets it deflate. It is a wonderful massage. In Mode B, each chamber inflates until the whole leg is compressed, then the entire leg deflates at once. 


Pressure Button (Compression Intensity)-


Start with the first level and then move to the next level if needed. 

Video Demonstration here

Air relax.jpg
Air relax Mode.jpg
Air relax 2.jpg
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