Windsor Road and the Downtown Location

30 minutes with LMT Therapists: $35

30 minutes with PNMT Therapist: $40

45 minutes with LMT Therapists: $50

45 minutes with PNMT Therapist: $55

60 minutes with LMT Therapists: $65

60 minutes with PNMT Therapist:$70

90 minutes With LMT Therapists: $95

90 minutes with PNMT Therapist: $100

ARC Location

30 minutes (student): $32

30 minutes (non-student): $35

45 minutes (student): $40

45 minutes (non-student): $45

60 minutes (student): $55

60 minutes (non-student): $60

90 minutes (student): $85

90 minutes (non-student): $90

How Do I Choose?

 Shorter sessions are perfect for more regionally focused work, such as a 30 minute session on your upper back, shoulders and neck. It is time efficient and a great way to address what you need. Hour sessions are great for stress reduction as well as having time to focus on a problem area or two as well.  


Precision Neuromuscular Therapist: It's a different way of approaching and thinking about the body. Instead of just masking the pain, we try to fix the source of the problem. The massage therapy is much more focused and precise, not just deeper pressure. The skill set needed to perform PNMT requires a much deeper sense of functional anatomy and palpation.  

All of our therapists are either trained or are training in PNMT. No matter who you go with, they will do their best to help you.