As many of you know, BodyWork Associates has been very active in supporting the greater good of our community through various donations and support. Although we have given to many organizations, our major initiatives support the Arts and Sciences, through our Art of Science project with the Carl R. Woese Institute of Genomic Biology and our support of Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

In addition to our local support, we also have an initiative to support the charitable work of the Massage Therapy Foundation's Community Service Grant program.  This program brings the benefits of therapeutic massage to people who need it desperately but lack access including:

  • Domestic violence survivors and immigrant torture victims who may not have felt positive touch in years

  • Children with terminal illnesses (and their parents)

  • Hospice patients (and their caregivers)

  • Those with spinal cord injuries and burn survivors coping with nerve damage

  • Veterans struggling with addiction

This program gives hope and comfort to those facing the most difficult periods of their lives. We are proud to support it. 

You might be surprised to be randomly chosen with a certificate stating that we have donated the proceeds from your session to the Massage Therapy Foundation. We do this with one person each month. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many people. Thank you for supporting us so that we, in turn, might support this program.