I'm Having Pain. When Should I Consider Scheduling a Session at BWA?

In the last newsletter, we dealt with when to schedule a follow-up appointment. What if you haven't been in for a while and are now having discomfort? There are no hard and fast rules about the decision to seek treatment, but here are some guidelines.   

At BWA, we tend to take a very pragmatic approach. The experience of discomfort can come and go, sometimes for what seems to be no attributable reason. It is wise to move as much as possible without aggravating the area. If the discomfort moves around each day, that generally has a better outcome.  If the pain and discomfort continue for more than four days in the same area or is reproducible with specific movements, then it is wise to schedule a session with us. Plan on at least two sessions to address that area. 


 What happens if I do nothing? The research data about this isn't very promising, for at least two reasons. First, your body will adapt around the pain, changing the way you move. Perhaps our greatest strength as humans is our ability to adapt, but every strength has a shadow side. We can background the discomfort, making the pain part of a new "normal". Additionally, the research shows that the movement compensation you employed remains after the pain is healed. What your brain needs is a "software update"! That is part of the effect of our Precision Neuromuscular Therapy approach. 

Other research data shows that an injury can physically reduce the size and strength of a muscle, as measured with a special MRI technique. Doing nothing resulted in a 3% return after one month. Specific treatment and movement resulted in a return to within .25% of the original size! Clearly, time does not heal all!