One of the most important aspects of a muscle problem is the ability to mimic much more serious conditions. There are many examples of this, from trigger points that resemble migraines to muscles around the knee that create pain easily mistaken for internal joint derangement. Specific neuromuscular therapy of the offending soft-tissue is often amazingly effective and can save enormous amounts of time, money and aggravation. 

One muscle has a particularly nasty ability to resemble cardiac symptoms; the sufferer feels a sharp pain during full inhalation- a very unpleasant knife-like pain in the back. 

Levator costarum.jpg

I'd imagine many people have visited the ER, thinking they are having heart issues, only to be told their heart is fine. The problem is, they still cannot take a deep breath! Precise treatment of this muscle can completely eliminate symptoms, generally, three short sessions are all that is needed. What a difference unrestricted breathing can make!

Our job at BWA is to be soft-tissue problem-solvers in addition to providing massage therapy for relaxation and stress reduction. We appreciate the ability to serve you in this way.