In our staff educational training seminars this month, the focus has been on helping knee and foot pain issues. While our work with neck, shoulder, and lower back discomfort is well known, issues of the lower extremity get much less attention but are no less crucial. 

     The premise of the work is the same as for many of the other conditions we address: Muscular problems can often mimic or display the same symptoms as much more serious issues. Pain on the inside of the knee could easily be assumed to be an injury to the internal ligaments of the knee. As in every other part of the body, the brain will always protect deeper structures with muscular protection; muscles with take the brunt of the trauma first, protecting deeper and more sensitive structures. As a result, the muscles are often a source of pain when the ligaments are uninjured.


     What about arthritic changes in the knee? Can targeted massage be helpful even in cases like that? To answer this question, researchers at the University of Miami Medical School did a study on 24 people with arthritic knee pain. The results?

  • Knee pain reduced and range of motion increased
  • Treating the quadricep and hamstring muscles were essential to achieving good outcomes.
  • Survey scores revealed that participants receiving massage had less pain, greater activity, and less sleep disturbances. 


     Countless people with knee issues have benefited from our targeted Precision Neuromuscular Massage. Realistically, you may want to budget for about three half hour sessions with a focus on the knee. The odds are very good that our Precision Neuromuscular Therapy can help. In addition to our therapy, strengthening and stretching the quads and hamstrings are essential.

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