It’s a Simple Menu

I was on the phone the other day with a company that wanted to help promote BodyWork Associates online. One of their big features was that as we change service menus, it would automatically be updated on their site. As politely as possible, I declined. This company was very used to dealing with spa centers, where there is often an extensive list of services available, often each with a long description. Change two or three aspects to the protocol and Voilà, you have a whole new menu item to market.

From a business perspective, I get it. From a personal perspective, I haven’t the least bit of interest. At BodyWork Associates, our menu revolves around you. At the beginning of your session, one of my staff will sit down with you to inquire what your goals are for the session. Even if you have been in previously, your goals for that particular day might be completely different. Plus; you have the right to change your mind! It is very common for a client to state that they want a general session, only to discover as one of my staff examines his/her neck and shoulder area, that the session would be better spent dealing with only that. The opposite also happens where fifteen minutes of concentrated work creates a resolution that is then followed by forty five minutes of general work. You get to choose.

In a way, a menu is- “I have an answer and I hope it matches your question.” For us, our desire is to match your needs with what we do, not the other way around. It isn’t flashy, but I think it is one of the reasons we’ve been here since 1982. Thank you for supporting us in that endeavor.