A fundamental issue that every business must address is this: Who do we serve? And why?

For all of us here at BWA, we are clearer than ever about those two questions and I would like to share some thoughts with you.

Fundamentally, we straddle two very different worlds. We clearly are not a spa and we are also not physical therapists. We serve the land in between those two, which happens also to be where the greatest need is.

While we aren't a spa, the work that we do is inherently relaxing and renewing. Few things give my therapy staff greater pleasure than to see the smiles of our clients after a session. We have the sense that we have contributed to his/her day, allowing them to resume their schedule with a little more ease and grace.

On the therapy side, most people who come to see us initially have some sort of muscular discomfort that has made their life more difficult. Often, these muscular problems weren't severe enough to address with their doctor, just an annoyance that made everyday life that much harder. Moreover, many of them ascribed the pain to aging or considered these problems "normal" until they saw us for Precision Neuromuscular Therapy.

This is our place in the community, our niche and our mission. So many people hurt and don't know that our special form of massage therapy can truly help. We are massage therapists, but we emphasize the therapy part of the equation.

To have the skill to accomplish real results in muscular discomfort requires a far deeper understanding of anatomy and much greater clinical skills than general massage. For all of us at BWA, this isn't a hobby or a part time job, it is our mission and our place in the world. Thank you for being part of it and part of our family.