The other day, I had a client ask me a perplexing question. He had referred a friend to BWA, who saw Eric for a one hour session. The person had been having sciatic pain down the leg for three months and no one had been able to help him previously. In a last ditch attempt, he decided to try coming to see us after speaking with my client. After the session with Eric, the client was now free from pain for seven days, the first pain relief he had for three months. After a week of no pain, the deep ache down the leg slowly returned. My client was asking if there was someone else his friend should see or another treatment available. 

What I find very sad about this question is the idea that you can have pain for months and yet expect one session to "fix" it. Oh if it were only true. So much in life is about building momentum, more process than event. 

Thank about statements like:

  • I tried exercising once and didn't lose any weight. . .
  • I took a lesson on the violin and still couldn't play Bach. . .
  • I ate healthy once and didn't feel any better. . .

We at BWA are very sensitive to possible time and monetary issues with regard to appointments. We don't ask you to come for a long series of sessions or make you sign a yearly contract. At the same time, it is important to understand that if you are coming in for a specific problem, a series of three to four sessions is probably in order. In that way, whatever gains we make will not be lost over time. Plus, it can take a session or two to localize the real problem, which isn't always apparent in the beginning.

When and how often should you return? The ideal is that if you experience a lessening of symptoms after your session, you should return before the symptoms resume in earnest or re-escalate.  In our former example, the person should have come back after about five days. The third session should probably have been about 7-10 days after the second session. In all probability, that should have solved the issue. All things considered, especially compared to the cost of other interventions in terms of time and money, our Precision Neuromuscular Therapy is very efficient. As with so many things it isn't just what, but how often and for how long. Working together, we can make progress and problem solve through the many variables on the way to better muscular health. 


Doug Nelson

President, BodyWork Associates