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Since 1982, BodyWork Associates has been dedicated to bring the very best in massage therapy to Champaign-Urbana. It has been an honor and privilege to do so and we feel very much a part of this wonderful community. Our expertise is in helping people eliminate frustrating muscular tightness and discomfort using our careful, thorough, and thoughtful approach to massage therapy.

Douglas Nelson
President, BWA

The Mystery of Pain
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Who We Are; Why That Matters

BWA is a group of massage therapists who are dedicated to helping people with muscular discomfort due to stress, injury, or overuse. While we seek to elevate our work to an art form, we know that the only way to attain mastery is through dedication to the science of the massage.

While our work is relaxing and renewing, the people who visit BWA do so because we possess the skill set to solve muscular problems in addition to helping them relax. If you have muscular discomfort, BodyWork Associates is where you need to be.
The Mystery of Pain is written to help people understand and apply common-sense solutions to pain based on emerging scientific advances in pain research.

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